I started as a high school intern for the fashion section of The Dallas Morning News and with hard work and a small group of supportive mentors I have been fortunate to have grown throughout years of experience to lead creative teams for retailers in home goods and fashion.

Before I knew what a Art Director was , I had already rearranged my bedroom numerous times, saved up to by my mom gifts from the local wedding shop, and picked dandelions on my way home from school, all in an effort to make the world around me a little prettier and those in it a little happier.

Of course that brought on the bullies and caused some concern amongst adults that I just " wasn't like the other kids" , but that sensitivity has been the core of my work ethic , a stickler for always striving to do better, leading with empathy ,following the golden rule, and paying it forward.

I enjoy being part of a team and find as much joy in the seeing others achieve their goals if not more than for myself.

In the studio or at the office partnering on strategy, I am always aiming to create the most engaging and aspirational content for the audience it is intended for in the ever evolving platforms of advertising.

Along the way I have collected a significant amount of stories to share, and I hope I will have the opportunity to hear yours too.




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